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Wendy’s March concerts list

For the month of March, I've selected a list of piano concerts happening in Sydney - I am very excited to see some of them and hopefully that will inspire you to get out and listen to some beautiful music: Nelson Freire plays the Emperor by Sydney Symphony at the Sydney Opera House. This concert… Continue reading Wendy’s March concerts list

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Jazz piano – where to start?

For classically trained pianists, jazz piano might sound like a foreign language. Classical pianists used to play the music exactly as written on the music score, but playing jazz, on the other hand, involves understanding a different set of rhythmic patterns, harmonic structures as well as syncopation and improvisation. To get started on jazz, it… Continue reading Jazz piano – where to start?

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What age shall my kid start to learn piano?

Many parents asked me this question - what age shall my kid begin to learn piano? Some of them were concerned about the size or shape of their kid's hands, or they think their kid didn't have any musicality or sense of rhythm. What I always tell them is - there is no right or… Continue reading What age shall my kid start to learn piano?

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Wendy’s September concerts list

Today marks the official start of Spring in Sydney. With the warmer weather and longer days, we should all be heading out and attending more live concerts. I've personally selected a list of classical music concerts in September (with a particular focus on piano concerts) - hopefully that will inspire some of you to get… Continue reading Wendy’s September concerts list