My method


Learning music is like learning a language, and I specialise in helping students understand and read music from the very first lesson so they gain the confidence in mastering the subject and actually enjoy the learning process.

I employ a German snowman method to teach students to sight-read music. The method is simple and quite fun to learn. It enables students as young as 4 years old to quickly gain the abilities to confidently read music by themselves, and increase their competence as their involvement matures.

Why I focus on developing students’ sight-reading techniques is quite simple: it is the foundation for playing any musical instrument or even singing and dancing. I have discovered many students come to me frustrated as they have attempted to learn the piano for years and are still unable to sight-read music properly thereby losing the patience and confidence to play. I have been very successful in introducing them to the snowman method and allowing them to regain their confidence in reading and playing music within the first few lessons.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced student wishing to improve your ability, I can develop your skills to help reach your goals and make you a master of reading music so that eventually you will be able to enjoy playing music yourself without any further assistance from a teacher.

Contact me via email ( to find out more and organise an introductory lesson.  

Studio address: 2 Galston Road, Hornsby

Conveniently located close to Asquith and Hornsby train stations. Plenty of street parking available.