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What age shall my kid start to learn piano?

Many parents asked me this question – what age shall my kid begin to learn piano? Some of them were concerned about the size or shape of their kid’s hands, or they think their kid didn’t have any musicality or sense of rhythm. What I always tell them is – there is no right or wrong age to start learning the piano. In fact, the early the better (starting from 3 years old). The kids learn to play the piano to develop their finger strengths, their musicality and sense of rhythm. If they already have all of these, then what’s the point of learning? Also, playing the piano would help small children develop the left and right hemispheres of their brains,  therefore making them smarter and more coordinated. Below graph shows how playing the piano can develop one’s brain functions:


There is everything to gain and nothing to lose for starting to learn the piano from an early age.

Contact me to find out more and to schedule an introductory lesson for yourself or your children. Let the fun begin!

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